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Friday, November 26, 2004

So, my Interested Party, what on earth shall we talk about? The two of us. We could just sit here and stare at one another if only the medium provided that sort of interaction. Alas, it does not.

There's a lot to be said for eye contact too, isn't there? Without it, we're just reacting to external stimuli in strictly impersonal ways. In one of those Me Against The World Sort of ways. I won't speak for you, my old Interested Party, but that seems to happen enough as it is – so I think I'll just assume you're looking at the words. And you may assume, rightly, that they are looking right back. I mean, they're aimed at you, right? Right.

This brings us back to the relevant issue of what on earth we're going to talk about. This is a pattern, and now I find it nearly lamentable that I was only mentioning the topic of cycles a few days back – because it would've been a great place to go now.

Not now, however.

We could analyze the nature of skin – something neither of us understand, Interested Party. It's hard to understand something without an objective point of view. And it's hard to have an objective point of view about something surrounding you with such vigor.

We could talk about cleanliness – how water feels as it bounces upon and up off your skin. How soap isn't as simple as it used to be. How you want to shake your head when water gets into your ears. How great showers are when you've taken nothing but a bath for the last several years. The problem I find with it as a topic, Interested Party, is that it would lead straight back to the subject of skin.

Which would inevitably lead us onto the topic of sex -- possibly the most scattered, flighty, captivating topic on the planet.

We can't be having with that now, can we?

Posted at 11:34 pm by soapwort

December 2, 2004   01:34 PM PST
I hate the word skin. Makes me think of hide --I suppose hide is skin... ugh. I'd rather think about sex.
November 29, 2004   04:12 PM PST
I'm a shower person, but I do like a good bath now and then. especially if there's someone to share it with!
November 27, 2004   11:13 AM PST
Tons of baths. One shower.

Get it?
November 27, 2004   05:13 AM PST
Skin, sex, it's all good, and I love this entry.

*leaves a bottle of bourbon on the way out.* enjoy
November 26, 2004   11:40 PM PST
A single bath for the last several years? Icky.

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