Entry: Wonder Monday, March 28, 2005

One morning, a while back, Baby Doll called just minutes after I'd gotten home from her place.

“What's up, Good-Lookin'?” says I.

“You really need to come back over,” says she.

So I did.

The reason for this turned out not to be my boyishly handsome looks, despite the fact that they are -- not directly, anyway. Was it the charm I wield, which inspired her to beckon me once again into her presence? Nope, not exactly. Mayhap, then, my prowess in making her feel like the woman she is? Alas, my Interested Party, that wasn't precisely it either.

Turns out, we'd gone and caught an abrupt case of pregnancy. Go on and re-read that if you've got to, but I assure you the sentence won't change. That's right – Yours Truly is going to be someone's ancestor.

During the first exam, the midwife was able to give us the Date Of Conception. When I asked what we'd been doing that night, Baby Doll reminded me of a certain bottle or two that we'd shared, which helped set the stage for one of those tangled evenings where you get so caught up in a moment – or, as it happens, a few dozen moments – that you both wind up making use of whatever furniture is available. Like half of your living-room suit.

It's not a glamorous beginning for your ancestors to provide for you, but hell, got to start somewhere. And while the initial circumstances might be a bit – if you'll pardon the pun – screwy, there are some things that Baby Doll and myself can provide for this kid.

Her cutting wit. My deadly charm. Her killer eyes. My bad-assed nose. Her sharp sense. My occasional wisdom. As for things like creativity, passion, vocabulary, and generally gorgeous looks – the kid can reap these from the both of us.

Life's a trip, Interested Party. It's a fucking trip.


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A Girl Named Dan
July 18, 2005   02:37 PM PDT
36 weeks. Congrats. That's a lot further than I thought!
May 27, 2005   06:26 PM PDT
criminy - look what happens when a fella goes offline for half a year or so. nice to come back to.

my japanese friends would say 'omedeto!'... but since I'm more Occidentally inclined, I'll stick to 'congratulations'.


May 24, 2005   10:00 PM PDT
POPPA SMURF! I mean..., (just kidding).

CONGRATS DADDY! Do I need to bring my shotgun or are you two getting married voluntarily? If its voluntary can I still bring my shotgun just for atmosphere? Be a sport.. ;-)
May 13, 2005   03:27 PM PDT
...wow dude. wow. looks like someone caught a case of the adultitites... (do you see the word tities in that word? i do, still got the giggles too.)

May 6, 2005   06:13 AM PDT
Congrads, bud. Its sure nice to know you're having yerself a kid. Especially since you hadn't even let me know you had found a girl that would let you get that close to her :)
Hope all goes well for ya.
May 3, 2005   06:13 PM PDT
seriously! write!!! I'm sure the baby isn't there yet, so what's your excuse????
April 17, 2005   12:37 AM PDT
Yeah, what Katriana said, and congrats. Watch out for flying furniture....
April 15, 2005   08:45 PM PDT
I think it's time you updated this thing, dude.

April 12, 2005   08:19 AM PDT
sarah lee
March 31, 2005   05:30 PM PST
I could have done without knowing about all the couch action going on! I'm bringing disinfectant next time I come to see you. He He

And although I got to hear it from you, Congratulations again!
March 31, 2005   04:30 PM PST
March 31, 2005   09:01 AM PST
i dont even live in the same town, but i knew already! I'm brilliant.

Btw, save on the cash, quit smoking! i just found out what that costs lilke for you guys...eep!
March 30, 2005   11:02 PM PST
Yeah, Kat, he's currently scared to have any life observations that aren't pre-approved, signed, in triplicate, on five seperate days. Hormones. That's not to say she's mean, mind you, just that he's a pussy.
March 29, 2005   09:25 PM PST
Wow! I so totally already knew that.

March 29, 2005   07:24 AM PST
I extend my congratulations. Life is a trip.
March 29, 2005   07:08 AM PST
I did have to re-read it...wow congratulations!
March 29, 2005   01:27 AM PST
Congratulations to you and your lady.
March 28, 2005   08:46 PM PST
Whoa! Congrats and consolations my dear fellow.

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