Entry: Shift of Power Sunday, August 28, 2005

As you may suspect, my faithful little Interested Party, things in the Soverign Nation of Yours Truly have been different lately. Namely, Iíve been overthrown by a very small tyrant. Iím now living in his world now.

The first thing he did was start in with all the propaganda -- making things look as utopian as possible. Itís a social form of sleight of hand. Watch The Red Card, Follow The Red Card.

For example, Interested Party, he replaced a crazy, though affectionate, pregnant woman with a skinny little hottie whose sporting far bigger tits than sheíd had before. Which seems good, right? You can see how a thing like that inspires loyalty in oneís constituency. But itís only after heís in power that I find these huge boobs belong only to him.

He follows this up with the requisite brain-washing techniques. Sleep deprivation, negative verbal reinforcement, etc. This way, see, you forget about not getting your hands on her rack. You forget that you are twenty-times larger than he is.

I am proud to say though, that Iím fighting back. I have taken up the hobby of reminding him how very much it is that he is a baby. I do this several times a day. I laugh as I do it. I demonstrate to him how easily I can feed myself and how I can operate the remote to the dvd player.

Donít misunderstand me, Interested Party, he doesnít seem to give a damn. None of my efforts seem to make a difference in actual policy. Fear not, though. Iím not giving up just because it doesnít work.


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September 17, 2005   04:18 PM PDT
Now, the first thing most dictators do is post pictures and statues of themselves. I do hope the new ruler would share some digital reproductions of himself in some manner.
And I do hope to God that he looks like his moma :)
September 2, 2005   09:59 PM PDT
How very precious that moment of you spoon feeding yourself must have been! Its a trip just thinking thinking about it!
August 29, 2005   05:52 PM PDT
Fight the good fight! Don't let the little seedling break yah!

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