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東京 引越し » nice blog!
東京 引っ越しのこと » nice blog!
Jefferson » Yeeaaawn. Hmm.
Jefferson » Occasionally.
bradchad » wondering if you ever check this
lackluster » hey tag me back at my profile wont u.. so i'll be updated wif u
chloe » Hi jeffy. I felt compelled to hop on here for some reason today. I was led here. you aren't here though... e-kick-to-the-balls!
Icarus » wow, you've been way too quiet for way too long Jeffy. WHERE YA BEEN??
turtle » Hello you...decided that I might try contacting you this way. Try me at me or the alien get it.
Sarah Lee » Unfortunately the toils of work have forced us writers to have dormant creativity for our blogs. Perhaps we should aspire to write a yearly recap....
jefferson » Ha!
tomboy » now somewhere in the black mining hills of dakota there lived live a boy named rocky raccoon.....hey, thanks jeff for teaching my kids that song!!!
Static Brain » Oops. Didn't mean to post twice.
Static brain » I love your header pic.
Static brain » I love your header pic.
Y3LLa aka Danyell »
Y3LLa aka Danyell » hey pplz o
Fallen » Jeff! Cuddle that boy of yours for me. Miss you!
Sinja » Good to see you update again. Babies are cool. And by cool I mean totally sweet.
Gloria » *Finally.*
Daveman » Glad to hear about your bouncingbaby boy! Its hard to believe I havent been here in all that time.
Robbeh » Hear hear Rod! Right! Write! Right! Write!
Rikku » Just blog hopping ^_^
T.M.B. » That's a bloody brilliant idea, Rod. Me too.
Rod » ok, have come up with an idea. Starting today I get to hit you once for every day until you start writing shit again bitch.
T.M.B. » Not me, I just like giving you shit.
Jefferson » So wait... yall're saying you want me to write or something...?
chloe » *sigh* still nothing new jeffy? STILL? Happy Xmas!
Robbeh » GENIUS!
babydoll » i swear i haven't kidnapped him or locked him in the basement!
JesterJosh » Supurb style and perfect prose =^]
thekaren » We miss you!
Toaod » Serious!
Gloria » Dude! Update!
Angelena » Come back!!
Tegid » Even I'm posting again. BTW, I'll be NaNoWriMoing again this month and I'll send you the link to my blog detailing that.
Sarah Lee » Write something else....Geez!
Total BS » How you been man?
chloe » wait? i wasnt invited to a party? this is comletely unacceptable jeffy.
T.M.B. » Production? Oh, tha play?
jefferson » Next weekend -- plus there'll almost certainly be an after-party of some breed
Genevieve » Yes, when is this production?
vadea »
X » i still cant wrap my head around you being a daddy.
Toaod » You're back! Good golly!
jefferson » Anyway, thanks everybody for the well-wishing and such.
jefferson » Yeah yeah.
T.M.B. » Bout time ya got back, slacker.
chloe » no mint cookies for me thanks.
Jefferson » Soon, grasshopper, soon.
chloe » yay! jeffy! jeffy and baby jeffy! get on AIM again!
gak » yay jefferson
Jefferson » Right on, man! Now just get hired on where I'm working so's you can make even fatter coin.
Rod » Hey man, got the new job, I start August 29th.
Gloria » Congrats. Good to see you back.
A Girl Named Dan » Congrats on all the new additions to your family! Love to meet 'em.
Tegid » Well, when we finally DO get an update, it should be a biggie.
Tomboy » ok jeff, you suck....we're all getting bored over here. I know you're distracted and all, but you could at least humor your loyal constituents
Daveman » I must now teach you the fine art of tagging your own tagboard.
Daveman » I must come and teach you how to "update" your blog. Normally there is an obsorbant fee for this, but I'll cut the "Daddy To Be" (meaning thee) some slack. No charge.
A Girl Named Dan » Seriously, we know you are still alive cause your other half writes about you. How about writing something yourself?!
Katriana » You do realize your last entry is from March, right?
Phal » someone say pasta?
Rod » OK, when I've came here to check the site several times and their hasnt been a new post it means it has been a long time. SO Jeff, get off yer lazy ass and post somethin, heheheh
Xaos » ha-HA! *ahem* lick.
Luna » *random drive by taging and some such things*
vadea » oh mi gosh a baby! oh my slowness and congrats and all that good stuff. guess i should come out of my rock more often
T.M.B. » Mmmmm... pasta.
Sarah Lee » Not that I would know of course....
Sarah Lee » Something quick and easy. Hmmm...Rather fitting =)
Sarah Lee » He He...Buzz is Hottie-Macker. That sounds like a type of Pasta...
chloe » jeffy. seriously. cha!
Daveman » Yoo Hoo! see you peeping at me! ** pokes eyes **
T.M.B. » I'll go over and kick him till he posts after he gets home.
abbygail » i agree - especially since he has no excuse now!
Chiraag » Would it be possible to add me to your list of links or your blogroll? If you want I could link back. Please post your reply on my comments. The url is
Sarah Lee » He still should FIND internet! He's an inventive fellow. Make your own damn internet! Just post something!
sexy » uh.... what the HELL are we supposed to do here? HELP!
A Girl Named Dan » hmmm...moving?
chloe » see? even i'm on here more than you now. thats an accomplishment.
abbygail » he doesn't really have internet right now....process of moving and all that... or so i'm told.....(as an excuse)
sarah Lee » Write SOmething!
ohio » your fans are waiting...
A girl named Dan » Inquiring minds want to know. come on - post!
everlywander » hows life lately? good to see youエre still up to no good
Katriana » Yeah! what she said.
Sarah Lee » Write something crazy boy!
name » hello
BrokenChaos » Hello. Just blog hopped over here, pretty interesting entries. Have a good day.
Irynna » hello
jr » cool blog
Tegid » Except you these days huh? When are you going to write again?
jefferson » Eeeeverybody's a comedian.
Phal » so, he's passed out drunk and thaaats why he's not posting?
abbygail » that's alright. if i know jefferson, he will have more soon that i can hide!